About Mark

I am an English born South African. A digital designer turned online entrepreneur. A husband, and a dad to two boys.

Born in London, I moved with my family to Cape Town when I was 9 years old and am proud to still call this beautiful, most southern tip of Africa home.

Over the past 15 years I’ve started a few companies, but my most notable one is WooThemes.


In 2008, WooThemes was born as a globally distributed company (with a small IRL presence in Cape Town) I started with 2 strangers. We build WordPress themes and plugins for a community of hundreds of thousands of customers, servicing millions of websites. Our flagship product being WooCommerce – the most popular eCommerce platform for WordPress.

In May 2015, WooThemes was acquired by Automattic. Our quest is to democratise eCommerce across WordPress, and beyond, whilst making meaningful contributions to open source software. is now home to all things Woo.

Mark Forrester

My early career

Prior to WooThemes I was a freelance web designer, living in London (2005-2010), offering brand and web design services for international clients. I soon realised it was more fun, less hassle, and through hard work, more profitable commoditising my services and growing passive income streams.

Other business ventures:

  • 2001-2003: I was a mobile disc jockey helping pay for my rent & beer during university days (University of Cape Town),
  • 2004-2005: I co-founded Gravit8, an I.T business solutions company, that’s still going strong
  • 2008: I helped my wife launch African Cartel helping traffic light artists sell their work online. The story and video appeared on CNN.
  • 2007-2008: As the designer on the team, I was a founding member of the South African social media aggregator Afrigator – which was  acquired by MIH Print Africa.


My passions

Site colophon

  • This site is powered by the wonderful WordPress, with a variety of plugins, for its content management.
  • This site uses the Twenty Fifteen WordPress theme.
  • My awesome logo, encapsulating my family name and obsession with plaid shirts, was designed by the talented, Cape Town based illustrator and cartoonist, Alex Latimer.
  • Whilst I’m not particularly proud of my early archive of blog posts it encapsulates my journey and maturity as a designer, entrepreneur and business owner.