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Got it - The iPhone 3GAt 7.30am this morning I embarrassingly admit I was one of those sad wotsits sitting outside an O2 store eagerly waiting for the doors to open at 8.02am so I could get my hands on some Apple goodness – the iPhone 3G.

Apparently the first bloke in the queue got there at 4.30am!

I tried hiding behind the big geeky Afrikaans dutchman (who clearly didn’t get out much), in front of me when the schoolkids walked past us on their way to school, hurling abuse at the queue. I then overheard the big geeky dutchman tell the guy next to him how he camped the night outside a computer store in Dubai to get his hands on Windows 95 back in the day.

I really was start to feeling like quite a geek.

To top things off an elderly English gentleman, with his walking stick, approached the guy behind me to ask him what all the commotion was about. When it was revealed that we were queuing to get hold of a fancy phone he looked at us like we were barking mad. “Not many ladies in this queue are there?” he said and then stumbled off.

There was a lot of queue counting by the O2 staff as they tried to figure out who would be getting a phone and who wouldn’t. It seemed I was safe, but most probably not getting a 16GB iPhone. We waited and waited as people got more and more frustrated with the excuses of the slow payment system under severe load stress causing all upgrades and purchases to happen manually.

Eventually I was through the doors and greeted by the rather stressed sales person. “You are very lucky, you’re the very last person elligible for a 16GB iPhone 3G”.

Needless to say after 3 hours of queueing I didn’t take much persuading. I got it 🙂

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  1. Sounds like a brilliant Xmas/birthday present for someone whose favour and respect you seek!! 😉 Dont fight it Mark – you are a geek… (so was Bill Gates!)

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