Skype 2.0 with free video calling released today!

Skype 2.0For those of you using Skype, a new release is now avaliable. Skype 2.0 now has free video calling! Defintely a great new feature that I’ll be experimenting with.

Other updates to the latest Skype include:

  • Enjoy our best ever call quality.
  • Easily sort your contacts into groups like ‘colleagues’, ‘friends’ and ‘family’.
  • Change your mood message and show your local time, so people know where you are and how you’re feeling.

One thought on “Skype 2.0 with free video calling released today!”

  1. NEW Skype v2.0.0.81 released !!

    Skype just released v2.0.0.81 for Windows computers on February 8, 2006. They have fixed video error messages that appear during conference calls and fixed the bug where the program doesn’t close if a USB flash drive was ejected.

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